The ministry of the women is very important in church now days in that many women in our communities today struggle with issues such as rape, abortion, depression, violence, chronic illness, broken homes, divorce, and debt. Any one of these would be crushing. But we’ve found that women from different homes face not just one but multiple issues in the daily life, decades-long . With the help of Nsambya Kirombe Christian Fellowship Church women's department, women, not in church only but even in the communities around, learn how a woman should behave in the daily life, how to look after their families, to live in the life of righteousness as woman more so the young women through seminars, conferences and others programs which we run/ organize. in such, women are taught how to speak well and wisely into one another’s lives, are discipled and helped to grow to maturity with the acts of service. We bring to their knowledge that Jesus is the only pathway and our women leaders ensure that this ministry is genuinely a priority. We have high expectations for what could be achieved.