WHAT IS MEN'S MINISTRY? Men's ministry has a foundation of biblical truth and prayer and is inspired by Christ-centered worship. It has a framework of vital relationships within a masculine context and is guided by clear vision and goals. Equipped with resources and training, it facilitates the making of Godly men who keep their promises and commitments. These men proactively apply their ministry gifts to influence their life for Christ by intentionally reconciling men to God and one another by ministering to the needs of the church and community under the authority and direction of their church leadership.

Nsambya Kirombe Christian Fellowship Church's Men's Ministry is here to help, build and prepare for vital, vibrant Men in the church. Teaches a man the purpose, with essential guidelines, focusing on relationships and not programs, developing a clear purpose statement with measurable goals that focus on relating to God and one another, a pastor-supported and pastor - supporting ministry, Ministry led by a Core Group of men, avoiding implementing too much too soon.

Men's ministry is essential in the church today and we have implemented men's ministry to men which will identify, develop and release the unique gifts of men into the life and service of the church. It will call men out of their spiritual passivity and equip them for Godly influence at home, at church and in society. Rather than adding an extra burden to church leadership, men’s ministry trains men who can turn and train others. Men’s ministry mostly draws men to God which benefits their lives in church and in the society by strengthening the lay leadership in the church, men’s ministry serves the needs of the congregation and community. It frees to shepherd the flock, pray, teach and network with the leadership of the church in order to identify the needs from the church members, whereupon they can lead men to minister to those in need. Many men feel isolated today. Studies show that most men past the age of 30 do not have friends. They have colleagues and work buddies, golf partners, and maybe a friend or two. Sadly, for most men in our culture, male friendship is a part of their distant past. Men need mentoring in current issues and trends and needs such as identity, friendships, awareness of God’s call, Discipline in priorities and values, learning how to seek God, a discipling process, marriage and family skills, mentoring, spiritual leaders at home, and stewardship skills.