As Nsambya Kirombe Christian Fellowship Church, we commission the evangelists to effectively evangelize as it is a God's will for the church. We put our emphasis on the fulfillment of the great commission which is a success to evangelistic ministry. So, proclaiming and sharing the gospel with non-Christians who are willing give their lives to Christ and praying for them receptively with the aim of spiting out the Satanic opposition, we ensure that people in the communities into which we take this massage gain interest in it. To see the gospel being lived out by Christians we try to get opportunities to have their questions answered. If they so desire, we are also in position to teach them the basics of Christianity once they make the decision to receive Christ.

We continue to maintain and foster a persuaded outlook that outreach is right and important. This consensus is a vital part and motivating. We follow-up the non-Christians and we pray for them by name and try to spend time them showing them the love of Christ in various ways. Christians need to be willing to socialize with non-Christians. This is directly implied in Christ's command that we not only "love them that love us"(Mt. 5:46,47) so we may be able to help those who have friends investigating Christianity by advising them, encouraging them, or even joining them with their friends.