Our ministry helps children become more like Jesus over time. we teach them how to pray to God and read God's word. This involves a series of actions or steps that children take to achieve the desired end. The process begins when we invite children to connect with Jesus by telling them stories in the bible. It develops the grace and glory of Jesus which is revealed to them by the Sunday school teachers. The aim of the process is for children to abandon every worldly allegiance and be relentlessly committed to Jesus. It happens as children are filled with the Holy Spirit and interested in God’s Story. why, for this generation children belong to God as it is written in Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Children’s ministry is relational. It happens when children get together with Jesus, i.e. when they’re increasingly captivated by Him. The connection begins as children see the glory, wonder and beauty of Jesus, embrace Him in their hearts, and genuinely surrender their lives to live only for Him. It matures as they worship and walk in His ways. The core of children’s ministry is this connection with Jesus. That is, Jesus is the raison of children’s ministry.

Nsambya Kirombe Christian Fellowship Church Children’s ministry is informed and ensures that children are engaged with God’s Story, receive and re-enact it by actively engaging in it. When children internalize God’s Story, they lean on how to fear the Lord and it gives meaning and value to their lives. It begins when children's lives are united with and reconfigured by God. It develops as children learn to indwell the whole of their spiritual life . And it matures as children obey God and live out the evil in their daily lives. This connection with God frames and forms children to continue to grow in Christ. And throughout their life, our task is to lay a foundation for their life and future become brighter and not to fall into the devil's traps. God's will is the underlying and unifying word through which Jesus makes Himself known to children. With the above definition in mind, we must guide every child to know him and live a Godly life. Children’s ministry is more than parents reading the Bible or praying with their children, more than what happens at a mid-week or Sunday church service, more than Christian living, and more than spiritual formation.