About Us

Church History

Nsambya Kirombe Christian fellowship Church (NKCFC) was found by pastor John Mark Ssebugenyi in 2004 and was duly registered on 9th April 2009 with Born again faith federation vide registration number KLA/CFC/001/09, as per the laws governing faiths in Uganda.

The church is a born again faith based church believing in one God, in 3 divine persons: the father, the son, the Holy Spirit and the bible which is God's inspired word, faultless and hence our standard for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness.

The church began in Nsambya Nabutiti village in one of the compounds of a member who believed in the calling of pastor John mark. After sometime converts began to increase in number and little by little they managed to to collect money which was later used to purchase the current church premises and currently we have a permanent structure. We are located at Kirombe Zone, Kirombe, Lukuli - Konge Parish, Makindye Division and have registered good success over the years.

Vission & Mission

To take the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people in our nation and beyond.

To help the under privileged people as we share the love of Christ through spiritual and practical means of support

Mark 16:17 Believers will be given power to perform miracles.

Pastor John Mark Ssebugenyi

Pastor John Mark Ssebugenyi dedicated his life fully to the service of God. Later, on 1th January 1992, he was ordained as a pastor/ apostle to establish and head ministries based on true bible doctrine. Over the years, he has preached the gospel, planted numerous churches in different parts of the country. Through miracles and deliverance service, conference, research and printed material, this evangelist's straightforward, uncompromising massage of God's love and deliverance has inspired many to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor John Mark is also engaged in works with friends of the needy in Uganda, as well as with feeding programs and hospital care. For years, his ministry has provided food, clothing shelter, education and religious training to many.

one of his greatest ministries has been as a mentor and apostle for a growing army of Christian leaders. just as his life was changed forever by the impartation of anointing and wisdom, pastor John Mark is increasingly mindful that God has clearly shown him that what he has explained in over 25 years of ministry must be passed on to younger believers and Christian leaders.

By Forging a growing network of pastors and building a comprehensive collection of training materials, he continues to grow commitment to develop a new generation of anointed, mighty men and women who understand the critical need for God's wisdom and power in their lives.

Church Program

Monday Family Alter 11am - 01pm Bible Savvy 11pm - 02am

Tuesday Warfare Deliverance Service 08am - 06pm. Dream Interpretation 11pm -02am

Wednesday Minister's Training 03pm -08pm Evening 10pm -02am Night

Thursday Evangelism Training 03pm -08pm Evening 10pm -02am Night

Thursday Evangelism Training 03pm -08pm Evening 10pm -02am Night

Friday Intercession 08am -06pm Youth Overnight 10pm - 06am

Saturday Testimony Program ( Okuluva Kuntonwa) 08am - 12pm Dream Interpretation 11pm - 02am

Sunday Morning Service 08am - 12pm Mid Service 12pm - 01pm Main Service 01pm - 02:30pm

Daily Morning Devotion Morning Blessing 04am -06am morning